These bunnies will be ready to go as of December 26th at just over 5 weeks old. The first two pictures are of the three males and the last two pictures are of the three females.

They are partially litter trained right now, which will make it very easy for their new owners to continue with. They should be fully litter trained by 6 to 7 weeks of age. Mini rex is a breed that is known to be very Docile and intelligent, and are under the small rabbit category which means they will grow to weigh approx 4 pounds. They are small compared to many other breeds such as New Zealand (9+ pounds), Flemish Giant (13+ pounds) Californian (8 +pounds) etc. They are very calm compared to the Netherland Dwarf Breeds, which is why i now so fond of the breed Mini Rex. In case you've never held a mini rex, their fur is comparable to Chinchilla fur.

Any small rabbit breed requires a minimum of three feet cage space for comfort. Its best to have all supplies already purchased before bringing the bunny home, or purchasing supplies right after the bunny has been purchased is acceptable as well.

I am located conveinently 5 minutes away from Highway 427 and Finch in Toronto, and 5 minutes away from Derry Road and Goreway Drive in Mississauga. No delivery is available.

Please give me a call with a date and time you would like to come purchase a bunny. *NO Calls After 9PM Please*. 905 678 .

Thanks for reading!